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Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Roxanne Rinaldi


Hey there, My name is Roxanne Rinaldi and I am a Senior at Texas Woman's University studying Interdisciplinary Studies with certifications in Special Education and English as a Second Language. I have been a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma since fall 2018. This organization has given me a huge group of beautiful women who empower me to do my best everyday. Through Sigma, I have learned that "empowered women (truly do) empower women". I am so grateful to be able to serve as Eta Kappa's President for 2020. Here's to a life long connection with my sisters! Sincerely, Roxanne Rinaldi

Alexa Ferrall

Vice President of Operations

My name is Alexa Farrell I am this years Vice President of Operations I am a Junior majoring in Speech Pathology with a minor in sign language. I joined Sigma in 2018 and it was the best decision I have ever made. I continue to have the best support system, friends who makes me a better person and endless fun memories. As VPO it's my job to make sure we are accounted for through the accreditation process which is what keeps us a fully functioning chapter on campus. Sigma has made me a leader and a better student. I can't wait for more! Sincerely, Alexa Farrell

Cassidy Avey

Vice President of New Member Education

Hello! My name is Cassidy Avey, and I am a Senior at Texas Woman’s University studying Special Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. I’ve been an active member of Sigma Sigma Sigma since the Fall of 2017, and I’ve loved every second of it! Joining this organization was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, because it was able to push me out of my comfort zone in so many ways, along with the fact that I’ve made so many lifelong friendships that I wouldn’t trade for the world. It is such an honor for me to serve as the VP of New Member Education for 2020, and I can’t wait to see how our chapter continues to grow as years go on! Remember to always treat people with kindness :) Sincerely, Cassidy Avey

Gali Saenz


I’m the treasurer for the Eta Kappa chapter of Tri Sigma at Texas Woman’s University. I joined Tri Sigma in 2018 at Southern Arkansas University so when transferring somewhere back home I chose TWU because they also had a chapter of Tri Sigma and I wasn’t quite ready to let go. Tri Sigma has allowed me to grow as a person not only personally but professionally. I’ve been able to acquire leadership experience, make life long friends and help our community in so many ways by being in Sigma. I’m a Junior in college and majoring in Accounting. Being a part of Tri Sigma and having the privilege of serving as an officer helps me grow not only in our sorority but in the real world. I wouldn’t trade being a Tri Sigma for anything in the world! Sincerely, Gali Saenz

Ally Diaz


Hi! My name is Ally Diaz and I’m a senior studying Exercise Science with a minor in Health Psychology here at Texas Woman’s. I joined Tri Sigma in the fall of 2018 and I’m so incredibly happy with this decision. As a brand new transfer student, I was unsure about what the right path would be but I know now that I have found my home. Throughout my time here I have met many wonderful women who have become my sisters and I have made the best memories that will stick with me for a lifetime. Most recently I have taken on a leadership role as secretary for the 2020 year and my job is to help hold members accountable and keep our events organized. I can’t wait to meet you! Sincerely, Ally Diaz

Gabrielle Acevedo

Membership Recruitment Director

Hello! My name is Gabrielle Acevedo and I am currently a senior studying Child Development. I serve as the Membership Recruitment Director for our chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma. Before I became an active member in 2019, I never would have expected to join an organization such as this having only 2 years left in my degree. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get everything I could have out of my time with Tri Sigma, but that wasn’t what the ladies of Eta Kappa had in store for me. This chapter has taught me to expect the unexpected and to not be afraid to make a presence in the room. I look forward to seeing how you grow our sisterhood and keep us moving Ever Forward! Sincerely, Gabrielle Acevedo

Nikki Williston

Education Director

Hello everyone, my name is Nikki Williston. A little bit about me is that I'm a Special Ed major with a double minor in Psychology and Spanish. This fall I will be starting my Senior year and am beyond thankful for Sigma. I rushed my freshman year looking to join an organization as I didn’t know anyone at TWU. I was approached at orientation to try Greek life and was very skeptical at first as no one in my family has ever joined a Greek organization before. After my first day of rush weekend I was hooked. All the sororities were amazing in their own ways, and Sigma just happened to be the one I call home. I cry with these girls, they're dependable, empowered, loveable, faithful, hopeful, show wisdom all the values that represent a Tri-Sigma. I have grown so much as a person and as a sister to where I have held leadership positions. My current position is Education Director and I oversee grades for the whole chapter and submit them to nationals to make sure we meet the grade requirements each semester. Sincerely, Nikki Williston

Keana Woods

Panhellenic Delegate

Hi! I’m a sophomore majoring in sociology with a double minor in Human Resources and Marketing. I joined tri sigma in the fall of 2019 because I thought it would be a great way to push myself out of my comfort zone and meet new friends. I love it because it’s such an accepting atmosphere and everyone genuinely wants the best for each other. In my position, I represent Tri Sigma at our Panhellenic Council meetings and report back to our chapter! Sincerely, Keana Woods



Hello! I am majoring in History and a minoring in Education. I joined Tri Sigma in the fall of 2018. I chose Sigma as my home for many reasons but what really caught my eye was not only the close friendships, but the fact that they truly cared about helping their community. As well, the women I met push me to be the best leader I can be. I have held many positions before, but I am currently the chapter’s Parliamentarian. As such, I am tasked with maintaining smooth meetings and also with making sure any events we have are safe and accommodating to all. Sincerely, ____